Vlogmas Day 3

The video was corrupted, attempting to repair it and reupload.

🐉 Vlogmas Day 3 – Fiber Optic Tree

Looks like the second upload took ok. Adding music to it seems to have muted the part where I attempted to talk in this one, or the mic just wasn’t working again. Anyway. I bought purple hair dye, going to attempt to color all my gray. Who knew 42 meant all your hair turned gray? Kj and I are going to try some purple, some teal, and maybe some candy apple red this month. will see how it all turns out soon enough. 🙂

Other than that normal day working on the game, really trying to hit our release date of Jan 1st, probably going to be March because I still haven’t done the steam application yet. I’m thinking of a pre-release on Itch.IO on Jan 1st, as Ruswick did with his. Then release on steam a few months later (March), which will give us some time to figure out how to do some more of the little polish ideas.

We’ve released some miniature game stickers over on craftedbylittledragons.net. I will probably list them over here too. Not all the creatures on the stickers are in the game yet. I’m still working on importing and setting them up. KJ did all the art for the creatures.