April and May – Tulips

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The tulips are scattered all over around the house, one here one there. We are going to dig them up and make a tulip bed out in front away from the house a bit so we can see it out the living room window. Next spring we should get an interesting variety of color.

Apr and May – Purple Creeping phlox

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We have a large quantitiy of purple creeping phlox that has taken over the main flower bed in the yard. We are going to be moving it to the areas around the trees out front where we don’t want to deal with mowing grass. Research indicates that it should be ok there.

Apr and May – Hostas

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These shade loving plants are huge. We are going to replant them with the creaping phlox around the base of the trees. They are mostly shaded except sunrise and sunset. But in the spring before the trees fill in they will get quite a bit of sun, and get an early start. They have also […]

Apr and May – Lily of the Valley

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We are moving these outside of the areas we may start fencing, we want these plants well awaya from our dogs. They are apparently posionous. Since they are very shade tolerant we are moving them to the area under the trees with the creeping phlox, and the hostas. Should have nice shade garden whe we […]