Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Created, printed, and cut lots of planner stickers.
Most of which are now available in the a la cart sticker store.
200 more headers to go.
I’ve been thinking about my story and how the words are a struggle right now and realized part of the problem is I don’t like our modern era. I prefer steampunk, cyberpunk, and fantasy. So I think I need to let go of it’s just like the world around me and go more in the direction of what I like to read and imagine. So I’m rewriting and adding in all the parts about the world around my characters. I should have more words tomorrow. I’m spending the day today just thinking about it, and watching all the Author Tube videos on “How to describe your characters”, “How to describe your world”, and “How magic rules work” type videos today while I work on the sticker shop. I’m hoping to start listing kits on eBay next week, but I’m not rushing. It’s more important to get everything up and running for the long term goals than to rush for short term goals. As long as we are making progress towards the long term goals (multi-year, yearly, and quarterly) I’m happy.
Game development is progressing. Just little tiny fixes each day.
Video? Oh yeah, maybe tomorrow. Maybe…

🐉 Vlogmas Day 13 – Planner Plans

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