Udemy: Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript

Link to class:https://www.udemy.com/code-your-first-game/learn/v4/overview

Start Date: 3/18/2019

Section 1: Setting Up the Code and Learning Essential Concepts

Lesson 1: Introduction and First Code File
Lesson 2: Drawing and Positions
Lesson 3: Movement and Time
Lesson 4: Clean up the code

Section 2: Getting the core gameplay working

Lesson 5: Bouncing the ball
Lesson 6: Circle draw the details
Lesson 7: Ball 2D Motion, Paddle
Lesson 8: Ball reset and collision
Current Code: https://kidshideaway.net/2019/03/21/751/
Lesson 9: Paddle AI and Scoring
Current Code: https://kidshideaway.net/2019/03/21/section-2-lesson-9-part-1/
Current Code: https://kidshideaway.net/2019/03/21/section-2-lesson-9-part-2/

Section 3: Polishing details for a better experience

Lesson 10: Ball and control and winning
Current Code: https://kidshideaway.net/2019/03/21/section-3-lesson-10/
Lesson 11: Mouse click, draw net
Current Code: https://kidshideaway.net/2019/03/21/section-3-lesson-11/
Lesson 12: Bonus lecture — Discussion about their club and school program.