Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
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Personal Updates:

Been a weird month. As I’ve mentioned before, my primary goal this year is my health. So in alignment with that I spent quite a bit of time making appointments, and arranging transportation. Then dealing with the appointments themselves, medications, and followups. Add my general stress over being around medical types and migraines, and it’s been a very rough month. I’m out the other end, the Dr. appointments for June are done, stress levels are coming back down. Now I just need the migraines to stop. It’s been a solid week of osculating pain. No significant coding or server setups has been done in weeks. I just can get my brain to behave.

MK has built a few things, as he’s navigated around my scheduled needs, and is testing them.
See ya next week, where we try again.

Know that there is a world outside, I saw the sky, and I did touch grass.

Game Programmer Update:

Despite the migraines I did get small little bits done on the game. Not much, but models and assets I purchased are imported. I built a couple mock up menus with the menu assets. I built the hex map one week so it’s automated, but only one tile type. Need to build that out. I spend a chunk of this week working on the new HB90 plan for the new quarter for all the projects. The migraines in the middle of the planning are a rather harsh reminder that I have no where near the amount of time to work on things I think I do. meh. I redid the plan differently this time. Instead of focusing on finishing things. I set things up to focus on feeling good, being health, and putting in the time I do have into the projects. The goal is to build positive forward momentum toward finishing games, and books, and comics. Not to beat myself up because my health sidelines me repeatedly. Long as I make a little forward progress, I need to count those as wins and celebrate the. There all I’ve got.

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