Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
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I work over night usually so it’s Friday the 28th to Saturday the 29th today.

Feature Lock
Feature Lock

Dragon Wizard:

  • Feature lock is completed. It’s a manual process where I list out all the features we will build in the game, and I trimmed out anything extra. It’s going to be a bare minimum game. ✔️
  • HB90 + Game Dev RoadMap – completed for July, Aug, and Sept.
  • Made it through 7 days of migraines, it finally broke. Hopefully we can get through a few weeks with a functional brain. Yes, Yes, I know Dr apts made, we will find out why the brain is changing.


Finish It! – Tools & Techniques For Staying Motivated & Productive With Game Dev

If you want to join us on our projects journey we will be streaming on twitch, discord, and youtube. We will be publishing blog updates, and posting to social media pages.

Enjoy! Happy Gaming.

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