GAM-207 Week 7

Just thought I’d share. I’ve been playing with the game. I created the array of words, setup the billboard targets, and set the target with a vowel to be blank. Created the pick up items that are letters for ammo.

Still have some functionality to build in, generating the letter ammo instead of the flaming chair when ammo has been selected from the inventory. Changing the inventory thumbnails to be the correct letters. And programming the overlap event for the target that is a vowel to recognize if the ammo that hits it is the correct letter. A success special effect, and then the code to change the targets to reflect the next word, and update the players score. And I need to add to the HUD a place to display the players score. 

I won’t have it done by the end of this class (just to short) but it’s an interesting puzzle to figure out how things work.