Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Started the ” Virtus Learning Hub / Creative Tutorials ” for the “Endless Runner” to incorporate the respawning of a map tile into the hud design for Space Race. Practice with a default third-person template then built those changes into the Space Race game.

— video removed —

— we have temporarily removed the youtube videos due to the COPPA updates and how YouTube is handling them. We will reprocess and edit the video to work on our hosting platform, and upload it here. —

The tutorial playlist I am following to learn how this particular feature works.

The target audience is general audience, all ages. This is a reimagined classic arcade game, fun for adults, teens, and children.

FCC CIPPA and other rules: No violence. No nudity. No obscenities. No profanity.

FTC – COPPA rules: No chat rooms. No comments. No cookies.
No tracking of content. No leader board.
This game does not include any reporting of progress.
This game does not require internet access after the page has loaded and the game started.
This game does not ask for any personal information.

Constructive Feedback from parents and adults is welcome and will help us design better games in the future. Children may provide feedback to their parents or guardians and then the adult may contact us.

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