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2019-09-28 Unreal Engine UE 4.23 Bug: Sprite Flickering

So under 4.22, there was an odd issue where the Y-Axis rendering of sprites did not render the layering correctly. I found multiple forum threads detailing the same issue I was having and the steps to duplicate the issue matched up with my configuration. Several of the threads were documented as being fixed in 4.23. I updated this week, and I can report that yes the original rendering issue based on the use of the Y-axis to determine depth has been resolved. As you can see in my video the Y-axis depth is matching the layering of the rendered sprites. However, all the sprites now flicker regardless of depth location.

Apparently, this feature last worked correctly in 4.21, I’m now wondering if there’s a way to convert newer engine code back to an older version. I suspect no.

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