RedM / Deadwood County / Making Money

We’ve been playing on a new server called Deadwood County. A friend of ours has been creating tutorials for it. He goes over some of the ways to make money on the server. The ways I know about are wagon missions, bounty hunters, farming and selling your plants, herb gathering, hunting, lumberjack activites, and mining. Let’s check out Melvin video and see what he does. What’s your side hustle?

It’s on youtube, and the creator is Melvin!

Different ways to Make Money

Construction (0:38), Mining (2:50), Chopping(5:50), Robbing (7:40)

Before Robbing someone make sure you join the discord for your server and read the rules! Each server has it’s own requirements. You usually need to record your session if your robbing folks to prove you properly role played it with them. Fail RP on many servers is a ban offense.