I’m workign with the HB90 system this quarter, and next year, and I’m doing Nano. I created a template to work with this month, reducing the decision making. I’m using a combination of scrivener, campfire blace (write), and onenote to write the book. I’m over 50K and headed for at least 75K. I’m editing some of the earlier chapters, as I’ve decided to move the world and setting from modern Cleveland, to 1920’s Cleveland.

My outlines are on paper and digital. Following a suggestion from Sarra Cannon on Heart Breathings I color code the characters.

I track my word count roughly, mostly skipping single and double letter words.

My first rough draft attempt last year was entirely in Scrivener as you can see.

But my brain has hit some resistance, so I’ve been hand writing the missing chapters. Starting with the outline and any content that’s already written in scrivener.

I copied all of the scrivener content into campfire blaze (write) too which helped me visualize the timeline better, and is helping me flesh out the world building. I’ve bought some workbooks on building magic systems and worlds for fantash novels, that I’m working through in Nov, to help me fill out the details.

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