Dragons and Astronauts

This game is based on a Udemy class, it’s a remake of a classic asteroid arcade game. The game is mostly finished and was originally written in or with the Stencyl Engine. The engine at the time (Dec 2017) it was not working correctly, and would not compile for any platform. The project was then shelved. The Stencyl engine has been updated since then, so we are going to pull the code back out and see if we can get at least a working demo finished.

My notes from the last attempt.

Shootin g the Alien Ship (hit) after scene change crashes.

Scores are reset to zero

Software does not work, no support.

Loads background.

Loads ship.

Manage ship speed.

Manage scrolling background.

Manage ship speed

Manage inputs, (firing, move left, move right.

Load rocks and infinite movements.

Load powerups, iitiae movement,