Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Well Day one is complete, let’s see what we did.

Dragon Wizard: Day 1

  • Finished the Roadmap tutorial. ✔️
  • Started the Finish it tutorial. ✔️
  • Selected the genre, market, language. ✔️
  • Selected the engine for the game. ✔️
  • Installed the latest and greatest of the engine so I’m ready to start tomorrow. ✔️
  • Documented my roadmap as explained in the tutorial. ✔️


Indie Game Success Roadmap Course

Finish It! – Tools & Techniques For Staying Motivated & Productive With Game Dev

If you want to join us on our projects journey we will be streaming on twitch, discord, and youtube. We will be publishing blog updates, and posting to social media pages.

Enjoy! Happy Gaming.

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