Milwordy Challenge – Oct.

October 1st

48,298 words at project check in.

My Progress in the MillWordy Challenge (updates daily as progress is made…)

What is the millwordy challenge?

Kate on author tube suggested this milwordy challenge. The challenge is to write a million words in one year. The thought is that if we track all our words in all of our projects we probably get pretty close to a million words. The goal is to improve our tracking of time, and our words in all our projects over the course of the year to document how many we wrote. Well, that’s our version, Kate’s youtube video below explains her version.

Our first couple days of expermimenting proves that is’s pretty hard to keep track of everything. So we signed up for a PaceMaker account to have a simple interface to track everything. I may switch to a spreadsheet later or write my own modules for this site. Not sure yet.