Day 4 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – Lack of documentation in an opensource project is not something to be proud of.

A Lesson or Commentary on what not to do.

Day 4 – I am very disappoointed with the documentation or lack of documentation for setting up cfx, redm, and vorp.

Despite the little bit of documentation that states to put the vorp files in the [vorp] directory -> “RedMserver\server-data\resources[vorp]” the vorp files do not go there, as far as I can determine, only vorp-core will load from that directory.

All of the other vorp fles so far appear to only load from the resources directory -> “RedMserver\server-data\resources” and you do not take the github clone and place it in the resources directory (for most of them) you instead take the contents of the “build” directory and place it in the resources directory. (Exceptions: vorp_weaponsv2, etc — the lua scripts written by Blue )

As yet I have not found a single readme file that would explain to a layman what to do. It is amazing to me that anyone is using this software. It is not surprising at all that there is a lack of opensource developer support. The effort to put this cobbled mess together to even being to look at what help is needed is abmissmal and migraine enducing. #forshame #youcandobetter

I’m still not sure I can do much to help, but at this point, can I make it worse?
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