How do I boost my favorite redm server?

Step 1.

Create a CFX account. The link to the forums is here:

Step 2

Create a zap hosting account. Go here ( ) click on the green “Sign Up”

Step 3

Go to boost purchase page, and link your CFX account to your Zap account. ( )

Step 4

Pick the number of boosts you want.

Step 5

Select your payment method, and follow instructions on screen.

Step 6

Check for confirmation email that boost was purchased. successfully.

Step 7

Open the game client (REDM).

Step 8

In the client click settings in the upper right hand corner, and login with your CFX login (the same one you linked to ZAP.)

Step 9

Click Play to bring up the server list.

Step 10

Find “__your county__” in the list (near the top). All the way to the right of that listing it will say BOOST in red. Click Boost.