GAM303 : Fuzzy Farmer – Project Overview

Fuzzy Farmer (3D)
Abbreviated Game Design Documentation
SNHUPerior Gaming Studio

Week 1

A stuffed animal company called Lovey Duck, Inc., would like to create a game for its new line of custom stuffed animals. The company would like to create a “virtual fuzzy farmer” ranch environment. This world will include two key areas: collecting “wild fuzzies” and breeding new fuzzies from those in the player’s ranch.

The final game will include both the collection and breeding game elements, but the requested prototype is for the farming/collecting of wild fuzzies portion of this virtual world. Fuzzy Farmer is a three-dimensional (3D) game in which the character searches for roaming “wild fuzzies.”
Each round is limited to a specific time duration. The goal is to collect specific types of fuzzies during the game round.

The prototype should represent a single stage set in a field environment. Audio is used for sound effects of finding/collecting fuzzies. Ambient noise or music may be included as the background audio.
The target audience for this game is casual gamers ages 5 and up. The platform for distribution has not been determined.

Game Mode
This game supports a single game mode: a human single-player mode. In this mode, the player selects the human character and plays in a defined level with a set number and type of (ideally, randomly distributed) fuzzies. Future development may utilize a specific bonus or time-limited “rare” herding round, but these are not requirements of the prototype.


Game Flow: The game starts with a set time-limit. The character can freely move about the environment in search of the specific fuzzies scattered around the level.

Missions/Objectives/Quests: The objective is a presented goal at the start of each round. This goal is variable; possibly to collect x number of the same variety of fuzzies, or possibly to collect one of each of a specific set in order to acquire the highest total treasure value before the timer runs out.

Levels: Prototype only includes a field-themed level.

Scoring: The score is a “Successful” or “Unsuccessful” result. In the future, a “Successful” rating will provide the player with an award of a particular fuzzy to add to his or her ranch.

Background and Level Objects:
A field-themed background
The game level should be enclosed by fences.
Obstacles (such as boulders, trees, etc.) may be included when suitable for prototype.
Interaction Objects:
Collectable fuzzies
Inventory Objects:
Not applicable for this prototype.

User Interface
In-Game Controls:
For the prototype, the game may be represented by a top-down, first-person, or third-person interface as determined by the developer.
A mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both are all appropriate for the prototype.
The controller inputs are also determined by the developer and the game type.
Display interface:
The prototype should include some mechanism to prompt users of which/how many of the specific fuzzies are needed to achieve a “Successful” rating.
The countdown timer should be displayed during the round.