Day 7 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – How do I check to see if my server is accessible?

So according to what I’ve read in the last two days. You go to this link locally. “” Your results will look something like this.

{"enhancedHostSupport":true,"resources":["hardcap","spawnmanager","_cfx_internal","basic-gamemode","monitor","fivem","yarn","mapmanager","sessionmanager-rdr3","redm-map-one"],"server":"FXServer-master SERVER v1.0.0.4394 win32","vars":{"gamename":"rdr3","locale":"en-US","onesync_enabled":"false","sv_enforceGameBuild":"1436","sv_enhancedHostSupport":"false","sv_lan":"false","sv_licenseKeyToken":"---your token----","sv_maxClients":"10","sv_projectDesc":"Recipe for a minimal FiveM server.","sv_projectName":"Dragon Hollow Test Server","sv_scriptHookAllowed":"false","tags":"default","txAdmin-version":"4.4.2"},"version":777824515}

To test external access, you would use your external ip instead of the localhost ip.

If that failes then you need to look at your ports for your server and your network. Most ISP’s and routers do not leave ports open by default. Good Luck!