Day 32 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – Update

In good shape now. Found a better version of vorp (newer) by Marston. I’m revamping it to fix a bunch of issues with how characters are loaded, and how their data is incomplete on some loadins. Fixing issues with inventory drops and pick ups.
I’ve successfully recompiled the core, but found that my updates caused a cascade of errors through out the rest of the vorp modules. Those modules are not all formated the same as the core. I’m rewriting all of them to fit seemlessly together and to fix any issues I know about already.

Once all that’s complete I’ll start looking at how to discover more of the natives and making more admin setup interfaces to work with Vorp so its easier to setup a new servrer and customize it. Easier way to add new items, and new activities. I’d like to have an admin interface for adding muder mysteries, and treasure hunts, and I really like the farming and cooking aspects in the server I’m on.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 30 days playing on Syn County’s server. It’s been fun. Humans are humans no matter where you go.

RedM Server: