Day 164 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – Update

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Well completely fell off the wagon in terms of posting updates.

Ok so current status. We now have a current version of the linux install up and running. Uses almost no resources. We have a windows vps server runing a windows version. We are set to verify that any scripts we release will be cross platform compatible. Back in Feburary we joined a server team called DeadWood County, and we’ve been helping out with the developement projects on that server.

DeadWood is primarily Vorp, Syn, an Ricx scripts. So it’s a good base to check for compatibility with new releases. For DeadWood we are patching the existing Vorp, and patching some of the oddities that we see in the game. As part of that we are making new admin tools to make it easier for the admin team to control the server and manage everything in game with proper permissioning. We are patching some of the existing admin tools as we go.

Dragon Hollow is going to be our own core, and have all the features we like to play with. We will be adding more interactivity, animations, and control over the environment for admins. It is PVE only, no PVP. We are building a PVP consent feature so players will have access to PVP but only in certain areas and only with active consent, which a player will be able to withdraw at an time.

Counties I recommend playing on? Ours of course 🙂 . Actually Dragon Hollow is invite only and not open the the public. DeadWood is great fun, simple rules, smaller player base, lots of community events. Sun Down is fun (smaller player base), strict rules and fines so it’s safer(ish) from outlaws. Syn County is fun (large player base) with lots of outlaw activities, great fun! Just remember humans are humans no matter where you go, and admins and server owners are not omniscient. If you have an issue, or run int a rule break, make a ticket so the staff knows about it. They don’t read minds. Staff are usually volunteers, so you will not get instant responses. Be patient. Remember if someone get’s banned it’s usually with good reason, rarely are they the victim they claim to be.

Deadwood RedM Server:
Sun Down RedM Server:
SYN RedM Server:

Where do you guys hang out on discord?