Day 1 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – Download and install.

How my day started. “Here install this for me.”

Oh my god. Next time just say “No”.

Right so go here “” Book mark this link you will need it later. Download the artifact server, and follow the instructions to set it up. The download takes 1 to 2 hours depending on your internet speeds.

Then download an sql server you are comfortable with. I prefer to use MySql the latest version is 8. Again download speeds may vary, my download took 6 hours.

Download and install Team Speak.

Download and install the VORP API for connect to sql databases. It’s called ghmattimyql. This link gives you the information, but the link to the github repository won’t work, the repository is gone.

However random developers noticed and upload the copy they had already so you can search github and locate a copy of the files. Just make sure the copy you download is in your primary language.

Download and install VORP, then configure it. Installation guide ( and the GitHub ( )

If your loging in to someone elses server you will have to dowload their asset packs, and any extra teamspeak modules.

I also purchased RedDead online through Steam, and downloaded the game.

Then I downloaded Lua and installed it.

My internet is crap so this took two days to download the initial downloads, then testing, and running each software then seemed to require more downloads which took an extra day.