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New Game Tiles

Ok so the last two weeks of updates are that we’ve made lots of new art for the game. New tiles all hockey themed. The new top menu which looks like a scoreboard (still in progress). We’ve added a database system for level rules, and it’s partially implemented. Should be fully functional rule sets for level progression next week. The rules can cause the board to expand or shrink, increase the unique tiles, implement a timer, or move counter. Successful levels are rewarded with copper and silver coins. The game automatically converts them up, 1000 copper = 1 silver, 1000 silver = 1 gold. Then as the game suite progresses these coins can be used to trade and purchase new players for your team in the Draft Pick game. Or to buy new equipment for your player in the RPG game, or to purchase new equipment for your rink or players in the Tournament game.

Things are progressing nicely.

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