HB90 – Nov 15th – NaNoWrimo – Monday- Blog

I plan to accomplish: today, from my weekly list (http://kidshideaway.net/accountability-post-week-8-q4/)

** Migraine started at the end of the day.

🌼 Write a chapter a day in my mystery book.
🦋 Write a Chapter – Working on chapter 30

🌼 Work on my game dev project, — VORP deep dive.
✅ Finish RedM Install. — Cache files are still downloading.
✅ Configure CFX server to use any vorp modules that work correctly out of the box.
✅ Research vorp starting database and data. — Installed existing sql files, and talked to Blue and found the discoveries on GitHub.
🦋 Research how vorp handles coords for objects.
🦋 Test simple functions and print functions for testing.
🦋 Track down bug #001 on my list.

🌼Sticker Art
🦋 Domestica Lesson
🦋 Domestica Practice
🦋 Draw / Design a single sticker a day.

🌼Gift Shop (Crafted By Little Dragons)
✅ Orders and Emails

🌼 Exercise
🦋 10 min exercise

🌼 Personal Improvements
✅ 10 min video lesson

🌼 Journaling
🦋 10 min journal

🌼 Education Goals
🦋 Lesson, Assignment, Reading, Study – 2 hrs

🌼 Reading
✅ 2 hours reading – finished 365’th book in the GoodReads Challenge

🌼 Orders (Tracking Shipping)

Ordered from CoffeeMonsterCO for planner stickers. <- Referral Link

Bought some new digital stickers.