GAM303 : Space Race – Prototype – Week 3

GAM 303 Module Three Tutorial Guidelines and Rubric


Overview: You are a new member of the design team for Space Sports, Inc. You are required to complete a small-scale rapid prototype. The CEO has brought forth a new idea for a mobile gaming application. The purpose of the game is to inspire students in the STEM program to become interested in joining the future generation of explorers in the space industry and community. For this activity, you will have one prototype to complete based on the requirements in the design document that will interconnect the components of the project by the end of the fiscal year. Your job is to complete the tasks that need to be developed in order to complete the application

The Space Race Game: The setting for the game is outer space. As a visual part of the process, design the game interface using the suggestions below and display how it will look within the game environment. As a kinesthetic part of the process, you will complete one scenario.

As you look at the human-computer interaction, what kind of lighting and background for this environment will be pleasing to the human eye?

The human-computer interaction is based on the space environment interface and the player.

Is this environment virtually real or really virtual?

Are you digitally immersed in the 3D environment?

What are some aesthetics that you would add to the game?

Prompt: You will continue to develop the prototype for the Space Race game level. Planets, stars, and objects will be constantly moving in the background. Create a moving sphere mimicking a meteor that is moving through space in a certain direction and speed for a specific amount of time (three seconds). The purpose of the object is to distract the player while the player tries to collect the artifacts. Submit a screenshot of your completed blueprint to your instructor with a brief description of how you will implement these features into the rapid prototype for your final project.

To create the blueprint, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Add a sphere to the level.

Move the sphere across the screen for three seconds.

Submit a screenshot of your completed blueprint to your instructor.

Submit a screenshot of your updates in Bitbucket source code to your instructor.

Submit a brief description (three or more sentences) of how you will implement these features into the prototype for your final project.


PTV Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Tutorial 3 (Moving Objects) (7:17)

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial – Move Component To (3:01)

Task List

Add Sphere – Sphere is added to level.

Move Sphere – Sphere moves across the screen for 3 seconds.

Blueprint – Submits screenshot of blueprint with components.

BitBucket Logs – Submits screenshot of change list with updates in Bitbucket source control.

Implementation Plan – Submits implementation plan for rapid prototype (three or more sentences)

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The target audience is general audience, all ages. This is a remake of a classic arcade game, fun for adults, teens, and children. For more information about our compliance with the FCC and FTC rules please see this page.

Constructive Feedback from parents and adults is welcome and will help us design better games in the future. Children may provide feedback to their parents or guardians and then the adult may contact us.