Renamed (Catch the FireFly)

Product of Southern New Hampshire University’s Game Design and Development degree program. Sponsored by SNHUPerior Gaming Studio.

Prototype completed and submitted as a University project. To download and play a copy:

****** Educational Use Only ******

Download version Win32 and Win64 on Itch.IO

Download version Win32 and Win64 here on our website, Free.

If you have a fast connection you can play an html 5 version.

Load it here:


Character Skins –

Engine: Unreal 4 –

Creation Time: 8 weeks

Developer: Kids Hide Away

The target audience is general audience, all ages. This is a 3d casual game, fun for adults, teens, and children.

FCC CIPPA and other rules: No violence. No nudity. No obscenities. No profanity.

FTC – COPPA rules: No chat rooms. No comments. No cookies.
No tracking of content. No leader board.
This game does not include any reporting of progress.
This game does not require internet access after the page has loaded and the game started.
This game does not ask for any personal information.

Constructive Feedback from parents and adults is welcome and will help us design better games in the future. Children may provide feedback to their parents or guardians and then the adult may contact us.

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