Day 9 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – Morning Update

New day new research. So there’s very little documentation, so I’m just sort of feeling around to see what’s what. Whlie the coffee is brewing I’ll note where we are at. At this point we have these modules running and loaded with the server.

ensure ghmattimysql

#VORP Core
ensure vorp_core
#vorp modules
ensure vorp_inputs
ensure vorp_character
ensure vorp_inventory      #loads
ensure vorp_adminmenu      #loads
ensure vorp_stores         #loads
ensure vorp_weaponstore    #loads 
ensure vorp_clothingstore  #loads 
ensure vorp_weaponsv2      #loads 
ensure vorp_banks          #loads 

I’ve gone through github a bit and grabbed a bunch of other modules just so I can see how they do things, have a better idea of what’s possible and not just the code written for vorp. There’s lots of different modules out there. I found one repository that say’s it’s fivem-docs so I’ve grabbed that as well. Ever hopeful.

So as of the last look at the server these are the issues I found that I’m looking at today.

I have something misconfigured if this stuff is supposed to work automatically on module load.

I can’t give my character money.

I can’t give my character admin privleges.

I was unable to save my character twice, third time it worked (why?) — at creation.

My character has no clothes?

My character has a gun, but it has no image in inventory and can not be used.

The bank doors are locked. The banker is inside.

The store prompt loads, the store menu system does not.

I am unable to autosave my character during play.

I am unable to manually save my character on exit.

I am able to modify the vorp database to give my character objects, and money, however the game does not pull that data. How do I force it to pull?
The “push t” to use commands loads, the commans available are poor (without admin, perhaps there are more options if your admin flag is flipped).

I updated the config file to give my character admin, however it does not shange anything.

There are objects in the world in the buildings, however I can not interact with them. Should I be able to? I haven’t played the game so it is unclear to me what should be interactable and not.