Day 8 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – local server, loading screen just hangs indefintely

No errors, no network issues, just hangs out. Server loads with no errors. Client loads with no errors. When client connects to local server, the loading screen hangs.

Basic google search does not return many results, nor do they appear to be relevant.

During the process of search for a solution, and any indication of what to test next. I found three seperate articles, that appeared relevant.

One article indicates that an updates occured in the mish mash that is the way this insanity works, and the version 1311 which the install defaults to no longer works. You have to use the command “+set sv_enforceGameBuild 1436” either in your txAdmin, or in your start up “cmd” file. The 1436 needs to be a valid build number can there are a few different options. The RedM server that we are playing on sometimes uses this verison so that’s what we are starting with.

The second article mentioned that some of the default resources in on the of downloads for the CFX server are corrupted and don’t error, but don’t load, and that downloading the default services from the git hub repository fixed their issues.

So Yes I downloaded the current github resources and copied them over my existing cfx server. This helped, but it still didn’t load correctly.

Then I found this article

Where in this is the first time I’ve seen any reference to the minimum resources needed to get the server to load. Commenting out all the extra modules, and only loading these, and now the game loads.

ensure spawnmanager

ensure mapmanager

ensure basic-gamemode