Day 7 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – steam key errors

During the intial setup we recieved quite a few errors. One error appears to be that we can not have two steam keys (different accounts) pointing to the same IP address. They setup and errors we recieved while testing the setup are as follows.

So when you set the config file to null, you get a server error on load, and an error in the client when it tries to connect.

set steam_webApiKey “”

[ citizen-server-impl] A client has tried to authenticate using Steam, but steam_webApiKey is unset. Please set steam_webApiKey to a Steam Web API key as registered on Valve’s web page. Steam identifier information will be unavailable otherwise.
[ citizen-server-impl] To suppress this message, set steam_webApiKey "none".
[ script:hardcap] Connecting: elsandkls

When you set the same line to “none” the server loads without error, but the client failes to connect. Note that we had alot of errors and issues going on, so the issues may have been caused by other issues as well, but this is what we were seeing as we were walking through testing and resolving errors.

set steam_webApiKey “none”

[ citizen-server-impl]
[ script:hardcap] Connecting: elsandkls
[ script:hardcap] Connecting: madurinkinroth

Client Error “Connection rejected by server:”

set steam_webApiKey “

set steam_webApiKey “—insert your steam api key —“

Server loads without issue.
Client Error “Connection rejected by server: 🚫 Lo sentimos acutalmente no estas en la allowlist.”

Eventually we realized that each other’s steam userid’s were being displayed in the error randomly, and deleted one of our keys and the error changed slightly.

Then from here we disabled the “vorp_core” module and the error stoped and the infinite loading screen started.