Day 10 – RedM/CFX/VORP Project – c# compile fails, files are missing.

To Solve: c# compile of vorp files failes. Files are missing, errors are about namespace “Player” is missing.

After poking around for a few hours, and then playing the game for a few hours to get a better idea of how things work. Discovered that the dll’s for the server are required for the code to be compiled. Also figured out the file for client operations and server operations are different (file sizes are the most obvious indicator). After more searching online to figure out where they are and where they should be I finally found the documentation I missed the first time I looked.

Follow the steps in this FAQ carefully and compiles go smooth. If you download a github repository, you will probably need to add the dlls to the repository, and recreate the reference to them. Several of the VORP developers had the files located elsewhere on there drive, and the failure to compile is due to your directory structure differing from theirs.